The Fabric of Space

Short Film
Directed by Derek Pearson
Written by Henry O. Arnold and Derek Pearson
Producer: Henry O. Arnold
Role: The Weaver
Release: 2015


FabricSYNOPSIS: A night of stargazing is cut short when a worried father must put his young son to bed who suffers from a dangerous and bloody cough. The father soon falls asleep but is startled awake by the spirit of his son leaving their cabin and wandering into the woods. The father frantically races after his son going deeper into the woods only to come upon a mysterious Weaver interlacing threads into a pattern on a giant loom. The father begs the Weaver to spare the life of his son, and the Weaver responds by giving the father a needle and thread. Is it a dream? Is it a reality? Or is it somewhere in the in-between?


imdbShort Film
Directed by Seth Worley
Distributed by Red Giant
Role: Melnik
Release: 2012

SYNOPSIS: A scientist must prevent a new, powerful technology from falling into the wrong hands.

Form 17

imdbShort Film
Directed by Seth Worley
Distributed by Red Giant
Role: Dad
Released: 2012

SYNOPSIS: A bomb technician faces his most hazardous situation yet: Take Your Daughter To Work Day.

International Red Cross

SYNOPSIS:This spot for the Red Cross Federation in Geneva, Switzerland was developed with direction from IE Healthcare and aired internationally in four languages.  The script called for simple animation to communicate a series of statistics and end with a dramatic reveal.