International Red Cross

SYNOPSIS:This spot for the Red Cross Federation in Geneva, Switzerland was developed with direction from IE Healthcare and aired internationally in four languages.  The script called for simple animation to communicate a series of statistics and end with a dramatic reveal.


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The World’s Most Famous Quotations

QuotationsSYNOPSIS: If it’s true, as Samuel Johnson once observed, that “Every quotation contributes something to the stability and enlargement of the language” then this audio collection of famous quotes will surely become a cornerstone of your library. Packed with over 500 entries covering more than 50 subject areas, this unique 2-disc set features wise and witty words from notables from Aristotle to Jesus Christ to William Shakespeare to Walt Whitman and many others.


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Visions of the American West

Memories. DVD big sleeve
PBS Documentary
Role: Voice of William F. Cody

SYNOPSIS:  A depiction of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West.

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Kabul 24

imdb AmazonFeature Film
Directed by Ben Pearson
Production: Seabourne Pictures
Written by Henry O. Arnold and 
Ben Pearson
Release: 2009

1-Kabul24SYNOPSIS: In August 2001, twenty-four anonymous people were suddenly thrust upon the world’s stage under blindfolds and the threat of sudden death…Their story of extreme faith and God’s unyielding protection was buried in the rubble of September 11, 2001 until now. The story of twenty-four Western and Afghan hostages held captive for 105 days by the Taliban and their daring escape and rescue by the Delta Force team.

“Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful are the only words I know to describe this movie. I read the book once a year and the movie did it justice.”

Dusty Robinson
Amazon Reviewer


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The Pilate Verdict

PilateSYNOPSIS: The competency trial of Pontius Pilate by the Roman Government.  Accoding to Rome, did Pilate make the right decision in the Crucifixion? Six years after the crucifixion of Jesus, Pontius Pilate is called back to Rome.  There he will stand trial for his actions or non-actions as Governor of Judea.  The Pilate Verdict explores the characters and the political, economic, and social issues that collided with religious beliefs. Was Pontius Pilate a ruthless brutal administrator?  Was he simply a victim caught in the grip of political betrayals?  Was he a pawn in circumstances beyond human control?  Or was he, in fact, a defender of the truth?

Official Website:

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Prodigal Sons

 imdbShort Film
Directed by Thomas Purifoy
Distributed by Compass Cinema
Role: Roy Jamison
Release: 2007

7-ProdigalSonsSYNOPSIS: A drama about two sons trying to manipulate their father to achieve their own selfish ends.

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imdb AmazonFeature Film
Directed by David G. Simmons
Distributed by Ideawise
Role: Dr. Sam Perry
Release: 2007

8-Prism8-Prism-NewCover SYNOPSIS: When a young autistic boy witnesses the brutal murder of his parents and falls into a mysterious catatonic state a lovely young psychologist takes on the challenge of helping him. But her solitary quest for answers gets more unnerving at each turn, leading her in a direction which tests her professionalism, relationships, and her very hold on reality.

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Billy Graham: God’s Ambassador

imdb AmazonFeature Film
Directed by Michael Merriman
Written by Henry O. Arnold
Release: 2006

2-GodsAmbassadorSYNOPSIS: Billy Graham: God’s Ambassador is the only authorized video biography of Billy Graham ever made. Featuring two hours of rare, archival footage of Dr. Graham’s early life, his ministry, and his worldwide evangelical efforts, the documentary also features more than one hour of bonus material, including Dr. Graham’s Portland, Oregon, Crusade sermon.

“This film is outstanding. It captures his life in great detail. The film shows his humanity and his amazing life as God’s chosen servant. This is a must see film.”

Marvin X. Beck
Amazon Reviewer

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