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  • Post published:May 3, 2009
imdb AmazonFeature Film
Directed by Ben Pearson
Production: Seabourne Pictures
Written by Henry O. Arnold and 
Ben Pearson
Release: 2009

1-Kabul24SYNOPSIS: In August 2001, twenty-four anonymous people were suddenly thrust upon the world’s stage under blindfolds and the threat of sudden death…Their story of extreme faith and God’s unyielding protection was buried in the rubble of September 11, 2001 until now. The story of twenty-four Western and Afghan hostages held captive for 105 days by the Taliban and their daring escape and rescue by the Delta Force team.

“Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful are the only words I know to describe this movie. I read the book once a year and the movie did it justice.”

Dusty Robinson
Amazon Reviewer


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