A Christmas Carol

Nightingale Theatre
Directed by Paula Flautt
Role: Ebenezer Scrooge

Chip Arnold as Ebenezer Scrooge and Nan Gurley as Ghost of Christmas Past

“Bespectacled and dressed for most of the play in a long, white nightshirt and cap neither of which hide his wonderful facial gestures, Chip Arnold gives us a gentle, fur-lined Scrooge. He emphasizes his character’s childishness, investing Scrooge with such youthful qualities as liveliness and spunk.”

Caroline Bartholomew
The Nashville Banner

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Nightingale Theatre
Directed by Becky Clem
Produced by Chip Arnold

“Lovers, lunatics and poets provided a merry evening for theatre-goers in Nightingale Theatre’s staging of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Shakespeare’s comedy opened last night in Johnson Theatre under the pixied direction by Becky Clem that whoops the Bard’s lines into high-spirited, rowdy farce as cheerfully uninhibited as commedia dell’arte.”

Clara Hieronymus
The Tennessean


Nightingale Theatre
Directed by Paula Flautt
Managing Artistic Director: Chip Arnold

Nugget Nell, The Pet of Poker Flat

Nightingale Theatre
Directed by Dan Keen
Produced by Chip Arnold

Nugget Nell is cheerful comedy…with hisses and boos for the villain and cheers and hurrahs for the hero, Nugget Nell, The Pet of Poker Flat entertained its appreciative audience…”

Clara Hieronymus
The Tennessean

Death of a Salesman

Southern Stage
Directed by Steven Kent
Role: Stanley, the waiter

The Word Made Flesh Trilogy

Multiple National Tours of his three one-man shows:
The Light of the World: The story of Jesus Christ
The Voice of the Lion: The story of the apostle Paul
The Singer of Israel: The story of King David

“Chip Arnold is, above all, a communicator of truth. The words of the Holy Scripture seem to leap off the page with all the intensity, humanity, and humor of each Biblical writer. Now with the contemporary film version of THE WORD MADE FLESH TRILOGY, one can both learn and be brilliantly entertained by each performance.”

Ronn Huff
Music Arranger and Conductor

“Chip Arnold has a way with the characters he portrays. His acting talent alone explains how you think you have been right there with David, Paul, or Jesus. But it is also his personal faith and his perceptiveness that makes these stories from the Scriptures and the lives of the characters speak so eloquently with rich new meaning. He makes the Bible come alive with THE WORD MADE FLESH TRILOGY.”

Bob Benson
Author and Speaker

“There are absolutely no words to describe Chip Arnold’s presentations from the Bible. Never before have I experienced the Word of God come alive in such a fresh way.  It’s life changing. THE WORD MADE FLESH TRILOGY is a must see for everyone.”

Michael W. Smith
Music Artist

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