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  • Post published:January 16, 2024
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Written by Henry O. Arnold
Published by
Mountain Brook Ink
Published: March 5, 2024
Reader: Henry O. Arnold

Hells Canyon is a neighborhood in Richland, Tennessee where tourists never venture, and locals fear to tread.


Maxwell Crane, former Marine chaplain and pastor of The Mercy Seat church, struggles to provide a beacon of hope.
But others have their eyes set on Hells Canyon: power elites, robber barons, and street gangs seek their own gain at the cost of the beleaguered urban neighborhood. For the people who live there, it’s been a fight to exist their whole lives, and that fight is getting harder.

Maxwell doesn’t have to stay in Hells Canyon. He and his family could leave to live a comfortable middle-class existence. Instead, Maxwell chooses to risk his life-and the lives of those around him-to stand against the oppressors.

But what happens when this pastor crosses a line, taking justice into his own hands? Will his family, his community, and his God ever forgive him? Will he ever forgive himself?

The Mercy Seat is Book 1 of my new contemporary fiction series The Urban Chronicles.