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  • Post published:November 2, 2023

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Written by Henry O. Arnold
Published by
Whitefire Publishing
Published: November 2023
Reader: Henry O. Arnold

One king desperately on the run…One king in vengeful pursuit…
One nation in dire turmoil


David is broken off from the realm. The world behind him is destroyed. The world before him is dangerous and unpredictable. He flees from the royal household of King Saul as a fugitive with a death sentence on his head.

In his last days, the prophet Samuel passes the prophetic mantle to his proteges, instructing Nathan and Gad to serve Yahweh and the future king of Israel. But David is king only of caves and deserts, and his subjects are nothing but the dregs of society that flow to the lowest point of the land and stop at his feet. Mercenaries, adventurers, spies—or worse, assassins with no apparent loyalty.

David, who once thought of himself as “an olive tree flourishing in the house of Yahweh,” desperately appeals to the One who can save him: “You are my rock, my fortress. Into Your hands I commit my spirit.”

The Fugitive King continues the tale of triumph and tragedy, of deepest love and burning rivalries. The new epoch is given a voice…and it is The Song of Prophets and Kings.

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