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  • Post published:November 30, 2019
Written by: Philip Yancy
Published: June 2021
Reader: Henry O. Arnold

Containing new material written just for this book and adaptations from his classic, What’s So Amazing About Grace, best-selling author Philip Yancey presents a one of a kind look at forgiveness: what it is; why it is so difficult; why we have to choose this unnatural, scandalous act; and why we must approach God again and again, yielding to him the residue of what we thought we had committed to him long ago. We do so because the Gospel makes clear the connection: God forgives our debts as we forgive our debtors. The reverse is also true: Only by living in the stream of God’s forgiveness will we find the strength to respond with forgiveness toward others.

We may speak of forgiveness often, even believing that we are a forgiving person, but do we understand the true depth of it and what it demands of us? Does our life proclaim it as powerfully as our words? We should have no illusions about forgiveness, for it may be the most demanding act in human relationships, the hardest thing we ever do. But for anyone who lives and loves imperfectly – in other words, for all of us – forgiveness offers an alternative to an endless cycle of resentment and revenge. It alone can set us free. Christians can and must reveal the forgiveness the world is searching for. A cease fire between human being starts with forgiveness – the beginning and ending of grace.