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  • Post published:August 1, 2019
Lipscomb University Theatre
Directed by Beki Baker
Role: Mayor Josiah Dobbs

Bright Star is a musical set in the hills of North Carolina with a story that spans the decades from 1923 to post World War II 1946 and focuses on the life of Alice Murphy, the editor of a successful literary magazine based in Asheville.

Bright Star is as stunning a piece of musical theater you may ever hope to experience. It’s clearly one of the year’s best musicals and one which audiences will remember long after the final curtain falls.”

Jeffrey Ellis
Broadway World
Chip Arnold as Josiah Dobbs & Easton Curtis as Jimmy Ray Dobbs. Photo by Sarah H. Johnson.

“Congrats on what is evidently a wonderful production.”

Tweet by Steve Martin
Music, book, and story by Steve Martin

“Chip Arnold, an alumnus of the Lipscomb theater program once headed by his legendary father Henry O. Arnold (the entire Arnold family’s bloodline seems to course throughout the successful theater program at the university), is well-cast as the dastardly Josiah Dobbs, as evil a villain to ever come down the pike. It’s a definite credit to Arnold that he manages to infuse some humanity in the character to keep the audience from hurling tomatoes and invective toward the stage.”

Jeffrey Ellis
Broadway World