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Henry O. Arnold as Matthew Harrison Brady.
  • Post published:April 11, 2018
Nashville Repertory Theatre
Directed by Rene Copeland
Role: Matthew Harrison Brady
 “Inspired by the sensational Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 in DaytonTennessee, this thrilling courtroom drama centers on the prosecution of a teacher who read about Darwin’s The Origin of Species to his science class from their biology book. The attention-grabbing trial becomes a boxing match for the two greatest legal giants of the century. The great storytelling of this classic is enhanced by its ties to actual historical characters, and this riveting drama rings with relevance to our culture’s struggle with the relationship between belief and science that continues to this day.”


“Rene Copeland has assembled an exceptional cast, starting with Henry O. Arnold as prosecutor Matthew Harrison Brady and Brian Webb Russell as Henry Drummond. Watching these two seasoned pros thunder away at each other is a rare treat that shouldn’t be missed.”

Amy Stumpfl
Nashville Tennessean/USA Today

“Rene Copeland’s casting ability has never felt more on-target than with Henry O. Arnold and Brain Webb Russell, two of the finest leading men to be found on any stage. Watching Arnold and Russell spar in the courtroom is assuredly thrilling.” 

Jeffery Ellis
Broadway World

“Rene Copeland directs two of Music City’s most reliable veteran performers, Henry O. Arnold and Brian Webb Russell.”

Martin Brady
Nashville Scene

 “Arnold is perfectly strident as Matthew Harrison Brady, delivering his lines with confidence and great vigor while subtly portraying the character’s frailties and own remarkable misgivings, even while never displaying one iota of diffidence.”

Jeffery Ellis
Broadway World

“You MUST go see this show! I wish every high school theatre student in Tennessee could attend this show so they could see, up close, what superb acting looks like watching Chip Arnold, Matthew Carlton, Brian Russell, and Samuel Whited.” 

Kristin Dare Horsely
Senior Director for Education Outreach for the TPAC