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  • Post published:January 2, 2011
Photo by Harry Butler Background: Margaux Granath and Jennifer Whitcomb-Oliva
Nashville Repertory Theatre
Directed by Rene Copeland
Role: Atticus Finch

“Arnold portrays Atticus with a conviction and confidence that very nearly eclipses the film portrayal of Gregory Peck, imbuing his character with a low-key grace that is integrity personified.”

Jeffery Ellis
Broadway World

“As Atticus, Chip Arnold leads the cast with a finely nuanced and wise performance. In his hands the feel of the play is exactly right, and Arnold has a way of somehow bringing Americana to his role: he’s the right balance of authoritative we want in our fathers, the understanding uncle we love and a lifelong friend all rolled into one.”

Stephen Garrison
Nashville Parent
Marin Miller as Mayella Ewell and Chip Arnold as Atticus Finch
Margaux Granath as Scout and Chip Arnold as Atticus